ULTIMASTER offers a hire service to meet your temporary requirements for welding preparation equipment

Our equipment is designed for machining tubes in all positions using cold cutting or beveling processes that have no heat impact on the zones machined. Tubes can be in stainless or carbon steel, exotic steels, titanium, zirconium, austenite, inconel, duplex, super duplex, copper, aluminum, etc.

• Rent of ULTIMATE SPLIT orbital cutting machines

• Rent of tube-squaring machines from the FACINGMASTER range
• Rent of tube-squaring machines from the MASTERLINE range
• Rent of ULTIMATE FACING MASTER machining units

Others: Please specify.

ULTIMASTER also offers a training service for your operators

• Internal training for site operators

• France and export on-site training for site operators

Do not hesitate to consult us for more details.


Please send us the following information so that, with your help, we can determine what equipment from the ULTIMASTER range is best-suited to your requirements:

What operations are to be carried out: Orbital, cutting, squaring or other jobs? Please specify

• Diameters and thicknesses to be taken into account
• Material to be taken into account
• Special considerations to be taken into account? Accessibility, temperatures, others?
• Site or workshop use
• Under what conditions will the equipment be used (in a workshop, on-site, etc.)?
• Production rates
• Any special tolerances to be maintained
• For how long do you wish to hire the equipment?
• From what date do you wish to hire the equipment?
• Where is your site located? In France or elsewhere? Please specify
• Would you like an offer for training your operators?