Your company sells welding machines or machines related to the world of welding and/or high technology products that include portable or fixed machining units for certain projects and you would like to increase your customer offer by adding with orbital cutting machines, tube-squaring machines or portable machining units to your range?

Your company offers services for which complementary products such as orbital cutting machines are also needed and you would like to offer these machines for sale to your customers; you are involved with customers working in building and/or maintaining all types of installations that contain tubes, ship-building works, semi-conductors, food-processing, etc. for operations on tubular components.

You possess a technical structure (technicians capable of demonstrating our equipment to your customers both on work-sites and in workshops, who are capable of identifying needs, giving advice and of being the technical interface between your customer and ULTIMASTER, and who can offer training sessions on site or in workshops) together with a commercial structure (you are present at specialist trade fairs) to enable you to represent us in your country or region).

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